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All about Project Ravensdale

Project Ravensdale is slated to be a high-octane co-op carnage action-game, full of furious orcs armed with motor guns, rocket-propelled goblins and oodles of over-the-top craziness! In this side-scrolling platform shooter, up to four daredevils in petrol-powered armor will slam, blast and smash their way through a medieval oil rig city in the grip of chaos. Gameplay-wise, Ravensdale is gunning for a true co-op experience, with weapon choices, environment, enemies and positioning all blending together to dynamically create exciting situations that reward cooperative play. For example, repeatedly slamming that orc raider into a wall works just fine, but if you punt him to your buddy below, he’ll blast the orc into the incinerator behind him and you can go to town on the goblins trying to ambush him from the skies. At the time of writing, project Ravensdale is in its concepting and prototyping phase. This means that we know where we want to go, but want to test the different roads to our goal first. Once we have gone through the approaches that are the most promising on paper, we’ll be able to pick the ones that are the most promising in practice. Those will get fleshed out, and the final game design will be based on the prototype results. The same holds true for finding the best visual style for the side-scrolling perspective of our game. Once we have a playable proof of concept that we can share with the world, we will begin raising funds for the full production of Ravensdale. It’s very likely that you’ll see us on Kickstarter in a month or two. Ravensdale will be designed in a highly modular fashion, with highly interconnected, but not interdependent feature packages. This will allow us to scale the scope of the game according to the budget we manage to raise. More cash will allow us to add bosses to the game, extra enemy types and weapons, missions, different city districts and any other promising features we can glean from the prototype to enrich the core experience. After release, we plan to gradually expand the game with add-ons that contain all the cool stuff that was beyond the scope of the initial budget, taking player feedback into account. We are so excited to show you all the progress of this game! We intend to exercise the full extent of the freedom crowdfunding would give us to deliver a truly unique, intense, high energy, raw and out of this world co-op experience!

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